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An Astrobiological Development Report is necessary for all other indepth reports.After your initial reading, future spot sessions answering single questions/topics can be scheduled for 15 to 30 min increments on an as needed basis.(Service Code : Astro3)

A Service Code is allotted for every service. To schedule an appointment just use the contact us form along with the service code of your choice and your preferred date / time. We will try to respond within 24 hrs of receiving your mail.You can pay for a service by using the Pay Pal button provided below every individual service.

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Astrobiological Development ReportThis in-depth analysis of your chart will give you an exact picture from an Astroperspective, by examining general…Know More

Health ReadingAn in depth analysis of health problems past, present and future. I have had A LOT of experience in assisting people with complex medical conditions where western medicine…Know More

additional services after in-depth personal readingAfter your initial reading…….. future spot sessions answering single questions/topics can be scheduled for 15 to 20 min. increments on an as needed basis…Know More

pre-marriage readingTime windows for relationship or marriage opportunities.Kind of partner to look for that will best suit you.
Difficulties and challenges…Know More

compatibility readingCompatibility Reading – need both partners birth data.To help you assess the nature, quality, challenges, and long-term potential of any specific relationship…Know More

post marriage readingNeed both partners birth data.For already existing marriages and ongoing counsel.Areas of growth and challenge and how to work with them at the day-to-day level as they arise…Know More

Conception and Child Birth ReadingNeed birth data from both partners.General pregnancy information.Number of possible pregnancies, births and children.Best windows for conception…Know More

Work and Career - Astrological Business ConsultationsGeneral overall trends in 10 year increments.Business Council:Overview of investments, land/building purchases, and partnerships…Know More

astrocartography1. Where best to live for constitutional well-being, career and relationships….Know More

GemstonesThe correct gemstone to wear on your body, what hand, what finger, what size stone, what precious metal, etc…Know More

vedic pujas-prayersRrituals – which I will perform on your behalf or guide you to perform…Know More

vastu shastraVedic version of ‘Feng Shui’, You will need to provide information for the larger geographical area, plot plans, areas general history… Know More

Astro NumerologyAstro Numerology & Its Purpose Astro Numerology is the science of numbers and their profound effect on our lives…Know More

Celebrating Kumbh melaThese are very special celebrations that further the spiritual advancement of anyone who attends. This trip will be co-led and facilitated by Hari & Omkaar Sharma…Know More