In tantra relationship between sound and visual form is expressed in the maxim that every mantra has its corresponding yantra. A yantra is essentially a geometrical composition, but its true nature lies beyond geometry. It is a dynamic visual image of the energy conveyed by mantra. It is not an arbitrary, artificial arrangement, but a psychological tool used to facilitate concentration.

Tantra emphasizes the effectiveness of inner visualization in determining the hidden meaning of things, visualization being the most potent form of concentration. We can derive an indication of just how powerful yantras can be when we consider that one of the most active areas of the brain is the visual cortex. This means that the majority of the information that reaches the brain comes through sight. If one particular visual pattern dominates this input, then we have come a long way towards unifying the rhythms responsible for states of consciousness

Tantra is the method by which man can arouse his inherent energies in order to propel himself to the heights of human potential. It is a system which recognizes that the material universe has its basis in vibrating energy, and that this energy is one with transcendental consciousness, being its kinetic or dynamic aspect. To the tantric, matter, energy and consciousness are one. Consciousness can be heightened by amplifying our individual energies, causing them to resonate in harmony with the forces of the cosmos. Tantra accelerates personal vibrations by manipulating specific forms of cosmic sound energy, mantra, and reinforcing these with the corresponding visual symbol, yantra, which acts as a template for the visual coding of the unconscious.

It has been said that tantra is the science of consciousness expansion and liberation, and that mantra and yantra are the audible and visible symbols of expanded consciousness. Rather, mantra and yantra are tantra; tantra is liberated consciousness.

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