The Ancient Rishis/Sages with their immense wisdom and vast knowledge have spoken at length on the various practical and theoretical methods for helping the soul awaken. And, through these methods human beings can move further along the path of realizing their true self and potential.

Jyothishya or Hora shastra or astrology is one among many of the holistic sciences which help immensely in our everyday life. Jyothishya or astrology is also a vedanga (a part of the ancient Indian scriptures & science) which was extensively used in ancient times. Unfortunately because there was a decline in its importance and usage during the past few centuries which has resulted in slowing down the evolution of our global consciousness .​

This trend is reversing and will continue to gain momentum in the coming years. The computer/Internet age is definitely assisting in improving Jyothishya and bringing back its pristine beauty and glory. Since Jyothishya or Hora shastra relies on lots of accurate, elaborate and extensive mathematical calculations (which any of the latest computers can now process in a fraction of time) this has elevated the accuracy and efficiency around preparing charts for readings in Jyothishya.

ASTRODYNAMICS was started with the noble aim of combining the latest in scientific and technological advancement with the eternal and ancient wisdom of Jyothishya or Astrology. The term ASTRO-BIO-LOGY seems most appropriate as the evolution of this science grows to encompass more of the collective wisdom of Astronomy, Astrology, Biology and how they dance with the uniqueness inherent in our human nature.