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Sooryanaaraayanah Hari
Sooryanaaraayanah  Hari

Hello, My Name is Sooryanaaraayanah Hari. Please feel free to call me Hari. I come from a long unbroken line of Vedic Astrologers. My family and I have practiced Jyothishya or Astrology encompassing Lahiri, Krishnamurthy, Raman, Western ….

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Coquelicot Gilland
Coquelicot  Gilland

My name is Coquelicot (“Co-cle-co”) Gilland and I am a Personal Coach and Life Skills Trainer, Bodynamic Analyst, Restorative Touchworker, Yoga Mentor, Pastoral Counselor, and the originator of the Compassion Matrix.

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Omkaar Sharma
Omkar Sharma

Amit “Omkaar” Sharma has been on a deepening spiritual path since he was a very young boy. Omkaar is present, attentive to detail and follows a path of humor, integrity and service. As part of the astrology consultancy services team…..

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I am presently available for sessions in the mornings and evenings. Since I am in India ……. Depending on where you are in the world please factor in the time differences and if applicable factor in daylight savings time.You will also need to have access to Skype or a phone to do a session with me.


All readings will be recorded and sent to you via e-mail as a data file for ongoing reference along with a print out of your chart. Birth Data: You will need to provide your full name: first, middle and last. Date of birth, time of birth, place of birth, your e-mail address, phone number and zip code.


Your first basic reading establishes an ongoing relationship between us. That means I am available to consult with you about anything. Through the lenses of Astrodynamics and my counsel you will be able to make better informed choices that will translate into preemptive and integrated courses of action.